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I think I love my best friend…

So, I’ve known this girl for almost three years now. I talk to her everyday since the first day I met her. We’ll call her…Roxie. Roxie and I fist bonded over anime and role playing with our favorite characters (which is a lot of fun i might add). Through role playing and such, we’ve developed a very strong bond as friends. Through our characters we’ve grown together and with this friendship we’ve both unlocked our own personalities and we’ve shared quite a few things. For the longest time I felt like Roxie was a sister to me, that we’d always be together. We even have plans to be co-authors for a book and live together in an apartment when we both can. she’s a few years younger than me but we act like we’ve been friends since diapers in the same hospital.

Now, like I said, Roxie has felt like a sister to me for the past couple years. But now i feel like it’s more than that. I feel like i really love her, everything about her. Her personality, her smile, her voice, her laugh, everything. Sometimes when i think about her i can imagine us just hanging out together in our apartment having a good time watching our favorite movies or brain storming about our next book. It seems all normal, but then i think of kissing her…and how happy that would make me; the tingles it gives me just thinking about it brings a smile on my face. But reality hits and i know the feeling wouldn’t be mutual, she doesn’t like girls and she’s very¬†independent. She’s had boyfriends but she hates being in a long relationship with them. SO all in all i know she would never like me back in that way..but i feel like i should tell Roxie…I just don’t know what to do.. Help?¬†